So, on this page wil be a newsbar, so you can see it when there is a new update ;D


September 09 ~ I’m going to have a stop on my legacy. I have no time for playing sims. On Saturday and Sunday i have time for it, but i don’t feel like playing with Val. It kinda bores me now so i hope it will be better ! I’m really, really sorry! I hope i feel like playing soon! sorry guysn (again) ! 

August 31 ~ Sorry guys, still no update. I feel bad about it…. i hope i can update this saturday or sunday…                                                                                           August 28 ~ Sorry, no update! I’m verry, verry bizzy with sport &school, i have a lot of homework & other stuff to do, so there is actually no time left for sims! I hope that i can update soon! Sorry guys!

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